Welcome to our website. Our company is pleased to serve you, the customer. In addition to our main work; The main mission of our company also focuses on the advancement of technology. Whether it is in various research and research to lead humanity into the world of the future. And our company also focuses on Smart City, where we are aware of the importance of Smart City systems that will happen in the near future. And our company is not delaying to start creating new technology and new research to support the enormous applications that are coming up. To bring a big change. The company has given importance to the Smart City system in 7 areas: Smart Environment, Smart Government, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart People, which we hope to be able to create technology to support. Everyone's use And make everyone happy with our technology


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What is Smart City

“Smart city” means a city that takes advantage of modern and intelligent technology and innovation. To increase the efficiency of service and city management Reduce the cost and resource utilization of the target city and population. With an emphasis on good design And the participation of business and people in urban development Under the concept of urban livelihood, modern cities, urban residents have good quality of life with sustainable happiness.

Smart Environment

"Smart Environment" means a city that takes into account The impact on the environment and climate change by using technology to help manage it systematically such as water management, climate stewardship, waste management. And disaster surveillance as well as increasing public participation in the conservation of natural resources.

Smart Government

"Smart Governance" means a city that develops a public service system. To facilitate To people who have stakeholders in accessing government information with a focus on transparency and participation And is constantly being improved through the application of service innovation.

Smart Mobility

"Smart Mobility" means a city that focuses on developing intelligent traffic and transportation systems to drive the country. By increasing the efficiency and connectivity of various transportation and mobility systems Increase convenience and safety in traveling and transportation. As well as being environmentally friendly.

Smart Energy

"Smart Energy" means a city that can manage energy efficiently. Create balance During production and local energy use to create energy security and reduce energy dependence from the main grid system.

Smart Economy

"Smart economy" means a city that uses digital technology to create added value in the economy and manage it. Resources efficiently such as smart agricultural cities Smart tourist city etc.

Smart Living

"Smart Living" means a city that has developed facilities based on universal design principles for people to have health and wellbeing. Is safe And happy to live.

Smart People

"Smart People" means a city that aims to develop knowledge, skills and environment. Contributing to life-long learning Reduce social and economic disparities and be open to creativity, innovation and public participation.




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