Welcome to our website. Our company is pleased to serve you, the customer. Whether it is corporate, private and government customers, our company is an assembly service company. Supercomputer, Efficient Mainframe, Full IOT Solutions according to Customer Requirements, and our company also works in Robotics engineer, Automated System; Including the work system Regarding Report Systems, ERP, Cloud computing, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Natural language processing (NLP), Big Data, Data Science and many others. Our company is hopeful that our company will It is part of our customers' satisfaction with quality and affordable products.


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“Supercomputer” means Super computer It is the most capable computer in the large group. Super computer Able to process large volumes of data as well as process complex patterns. Fast to calculate more than one trillion per second.

Efficient Mainframe

"Efficient Mainframe" means Computer mainframe Is a large computer used in an organization to process large amounts of data, such as a census. Consumer statistics Management of the organization's resources, etc.

Full IOT Solutions

"Full IOT Solutions" means Internet of Things or IoT refers to a network of objects, devices, vehicles, buildings. And other items That has electronic circuits, software, sensors and connections to embedded networks, and allows those objects to be stored, recorded and exchanged.

Robotics Engineer

"Robotics Engineer" means Robotics Is a science and technology that is an integrated science between computer science. And engineering Learn about robot design, manufacturing, control and applications. The main aim of robotics is to design intelligent machines that can assist humans in their daily work.

Automated System

"Automated System" means Automated system operations (ASO) is the set of software and hardware that allows computer systems, network devices or machines to function without any manual intervention. ASOs allow computer systems to work without a human operator physically located at the site where the system is installed.


"ERP" means Enterprise resource planning means management within an organization. Due to the high competition, organizations need to develop all processes and information within them in order to become more competitive. It will bring the Internet to play a role in the supply chain. By being a source of products that directly meet the needs of consumers

Cloud Computing

"Cloud Computing" means Cloud processing It is the nature of the work of computer users via the Internet. That provides a particular service to a user The service provider will share the resources with the users who want to use it. Cloud processing It is a trait that evolved from the idea and service of Virtualization and Web Services.

Machine Learning(ML)

"Machine Learning(ML)" means Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Importance.

Deep Learning(DL)

"Deep Learning(DL)" means Deep learning It is part of a machine learning methodology based on castle networks and feature learning. Learning can be both an instructor-led learning. Semi-instructor learning And learning without teaching the word "Deep" in meaning comes from the presence of multiple layers of the network. More efficient

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

"Natural Language Processing(NLP)" means Natural language processing It is a sub-branch of linguistics. Computer science Information Engineering And artificial intelligence Studied the interactions between computer language and human language. In a way that computer programs can analyze and transform natural language information.

Big Data

"Big Data" means In the field of information technology, large data or big data Or popularly transliterated Big Data, Big Data is a collection of data sets that are of great size and complexity. Until it is difficult to process with existing database management tools. Challenges include capturing, saving, storing, searching, sharing, analyzing, and drawing up natural language data.

Data Science

"Data Science" means Data science It is a multidisciplinary approach that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to acquire knowledge from a wide variety of information. Both stored in a tidy and disorderly It is a field that deals with data mining. Deep learning And big data




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